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HostGator Subdomain

In a domain system, a subdomain is basically a part of the primary domain or addon domains, although addon domains are also sort of subdomains, because when you add an additional domain, a subdomain will also automatically be created. When you create a subdomain, the system will also create subdirectory folder in your root directory. The files of the subdomain will be stored in the folder. Therefore, to upload your site files, you will need to browse that folder which is designated for it.

Subdomains are very useful because they can help you organize sites, and that will make life easier when updating or creating new categories of a site. Normally, subdomain will look like this:,, etc. In terms of SEO, if your main domain has high PR or a lot of quality backlinks that point to it, those subdomains will benefit from SEO juices, which makes very easy for those subdomains to rank higher.

To create subdomains in Hostgator, you simply login to, and then in the Domains section, you will see Subdomains icon, click it. In there, you will see “Create a Subdomains”, create a new name, and then at the right side, choose which domain you want to create a subdomain for. If you have only one domain, then you don’t need to choose. In the second row, you will see “Document Root”, in that field, you create name for the folder that will be designated for the subdomain. After everything is done, you can just click “Create”. Please note that it might takes up to few hours to the system to update and for your new subdomain to work properly.

HostGator Subdomain

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