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HostGator FTP

Hostgator FTP functions like most other host companies; you need to have host, username, and password to access it. File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a network protocol that allows users to upload files to the network. Most users are using client server type. There are two types of access: FTP and SFTP. FTP is using port 21 while SFTP is uing port 22. Hostgator is using port 21.

FTP is a very common way for users to upload their web pages, photos and standard files. In order to use it, you will need to download a FTP program. There are many programs out there, some of them are not free, but you can download most of them free. The most popular one is Filezilla. When you are at the Filezilla website, make sure you are downloading Filezilla Client one on the left. After you have installed the program, open it, and at the top, you will see three fields: Host, Username, and Password. You can obtain and setup the information in Cpanel.

HostGator FTP

First, you login to your Cpanel:, and then you will see FTP Accounts, click it. In there, you can add new FTP Account. When you set up, make sure the directory is set to root; basically, you delete everything on the Directory fields. After that you click “Create FTP Account”. It might take few minutes for your new FTP Account to take effect. In the FTP Accounts section, click Configure FTP Client next to the FTP Account that you just created. In there, you will find FTP login information. Copy them all in to a text file. After that, open your Filezilla if you haven’t, and enter the hosting information you just copied, and then click Quickconnect. That is it, you now have full access to your website files, and ready to upload files, photos, and pages.

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