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HostGator Addon Domain

Addon Domain is secondary domain that is attached to the primary domain. In order to have the ability to add the additional domain, Hostgator requires you must have Baby plan or business plan; Hatching plan will not allow you to add any additional domain, because Hatching plan can only allow one domain to be hosted.

To add an additional domain to the host, first you must make sure that you have updated your domain nameserver or DNS to  your new host. To find out the nameserver of your host, you can login to Cpanel, and then at the bottom left, you will see your Account Information. In the Account Information section, you will be able to see your hosting plan, IP address, Sever name, etc.  The two urls that you need are

copy those two urls, and then head back to your domain registrar, ex: Godaddy, namecheap, etc. and then browse to your domain nameserver setting page, and paste your DNS to 2 fields. Very often, there will be more than 2 fields, but you only need to fill two fields. After that, make sure domain is unlocked. Domain propagation might take few hours.

After that, head back to your Cpanel. At the Domains section, click Addon Domains. Then enter your Domain url ( do not enter www.), then create password for the directory, and then click “Add Domain”. This will create a subdomain url, because every addon domain is also subdomain, but visitor won’t be able to tell the differences.

That is it, it might take few hours for domain to propagate.  If few hours had passed and you still unable to see the empty directory, you might need to clear history, close browser, reopen again, or using another browser.

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