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HostGator vs Webhostingpad

HostGator vs Webhostingpad

This article is about HostGator vs Webhostingpad, please enjoy.

HostGator is much better than Webhostingpad, if you do any research online right now, you can easily find many complaints about Webhostingpad’s poor services and performance. Even thought Webhostingpad’s monthly payment is cheaper than Hostgator’s, but Webhostingpad’s service is terrible. According to web hosting popularity poll, Hostgator’s popularity dwarfed Webhostingpad’s.

HostGator has been providing highest quality web hosting service ever since 2002, and it has become one of the biggest webs hosting company in the world. Currently, HostGator has more than 4 million websites on it’s servers, and the number is increasing every day. HostGator is created by Brent Oxley in 2002. Despite HostGator’s tremendous growth, its founder still takes personal involvement in customer satisfaction and will often handle concerns personally.

HostGator details:

Created: 2002

Founder: Brent Oxley

Customers: 500,000+

Hosted domains: 3,000,000 +

WebhostingPad details:

Created: 2005

Founded: Gary Chon

Customers: ~50,000

Hosted Domains: 150,000

HostGator vs Webhostingpad Technical Comparison

Companies provide cPanel control, HostGator is using cPanel 10, and Webhostingpad is using cPanel 11. HostGator provides parallel FTP connection, so customers can update their sites easily even with large amount of files. Webhostingpad only provides single concurrent FTP connection, and it can take long time to update web-site.

HostGator vs Webhostingpad Customer Satisfaction:

Most of HostGator’s customers are delighted that they have chose HostGator, and they would recommend HostGator to all the newcomers. 99.99% uptime is one of the most welcome features.

Almost all of the Webhostingpad feedbacks are negative, service instability is one of common complaints, followed by Webhostingpad’s hidden surcharges.

HostGator vs Webhostingpad Security Features and Services:

HostGator has many security features, and services are reliable and good.

Webhostingpad has awful security, and there are many security breaches. The services are terrible, sometime it may take 15 minutes to load a website, and other time the site will not load at all.

HostGator vs Webhostingpad Verdict:

Even thought Webhostingpad is cheaper, but its service is very unstable, and there are many hidden surcharges, furthermore, there is only one hosting plan. On other hand, HostGator is one of the best webs hosting company in the market, its service is guaranteed 99.99% uptime, and there is no hidden surcharge, plus there are three different plans options for different customers. In conclusion, HostGator is better than Webhostingpad in term of performances and security, but Webhostingpad is $3.00 cheaper monthly.

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