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Hostgator vs Hostpapa

If you are thinking about choosing either HostGator or HostPapa, you might want to know some of important differences between the two web hosting companies. These differences can become the deciding factors; In this article, we will compare both web hosting companies’ prices, performances and user reviews.

Hostgator vs Hostpapa Price Race

First, let compares the price between these two web hosting companies. HostPapa is slightly cheaper than HostGator in monthly payments and startup cost; HostGator startup cost is $182.50, and HostPapa startup cost is $166.14. One difference that stood out from rest is the domain registration cost, it only cost $15.00 to keep a HostGator domain, and same thing cost $24.95 per year for HostPapa. Therefore, HostGator is more expensive to startup, but HostPapa is more expensive to upkeep.

Hostgator vs Hostpapa Performance Race

Next, let’s compare the technical performances of these two web hosting companies.


Hostgator vs Hostpapa Reviews:

Then lets look at user reviews for both web hosting companies:

According to multiple popular web hosting review sites, HostPapa’s reliability, support, and features are not what they claimed to be. Many of the customers complaint that HostPapa’s server is not 99.9% uptime, rather it is around 75% uptime, or sometime it is worse. “Terrible customer service” is one of most common keywords that is in the HostPapa’s reviews, many customers implied that some of the HostPapa’s supports will lie and ignore about services interruption. Average review rating for HostPapa is around 4/10 for reliability, 3/10 for support, 5/10 for features, and 6/10 for price

On Contrary HostGator reviews are majority positive, “Thank you HostGator for 3 years of excellent services” is one of common keywords in all of the reviews. Average review rating for HostGator is around 9/10 for reliability, 8.5/10 for support, 9/10 for features, and 9/10 for price.

Hostgator vs Hostpapa verdict:

HostPapa claimed to be one of the best web hosting company, and pretended to provide many outstanding qualities and services, however, most of those services and qualities are lies that can not be back up by experiences of thoudsand of negative customer reviews. On contrary, HostGator has been in the market since 2002, and its service qualities are still top notch, and there are 3 million satisfying customers to back up those facts.

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