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Hostgator vs Hostmonster

If you are thinking about choosing either HostGator or Hostmonster, you might want to know some of important differences between the two web hosting companies. These differences can become the deciding factors; In this article, we will compare both web hosting companies’ prices, performances and user reviews.

Hostgator vs Hostmonster Price Race

First, let compares the price between these two web hosting companies. Hostmonster is about same price as HostGator in monthly payments. HostGator provides more features than Hostmonster does, include website builder and money back guaranteed.

Hostgator vs Hostmonster Performance Race

Next, let’s compare the technical performances of these two web hosting companies.

Hostgator vs Hostmonster Reviews:

Then lets look at user reviews for both web hosting companies:

Both Hostgator and Hostmonster are popular web hosting companies, and have many positive customer reviews. Both companies have consistent 99.9% web up-time, and their customer service representatives are very friendly.

Hostgator vs Hostmonster verdict:

This race is close one; Both Hostgator and Hostmonster are leading web hosting companies available in the market right now. Both packages are similar to each other: prices, contents and security. You might want to choose Hostgator if you want 25% off or first month free coupons, and have monthly payments. Or you might want to choose Hostmonster if you want cheaper price for multiple domains and have yearly payment.

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