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Hostgator vs. Godaddy

Hostgator vs. Godaddy

Hostgator vs.Godaddy

About Godaddy:

Godaddy is the largest registrar on the internet, offering both domain registrar and web hosting services. Godaddy is relative cheap, compared to its competitors. Their economy plan is just $5.69/month with 12 months but you can also push the price down a little bit if you decided to commit longer. Overall, Godaddy offers decent web hosting service even though it started as a domain registrar. From my experience, Godaddy gives pretty good bandwith and can uphold a sudden increase in traffic to your websites pretty well. They also integrate WordPress pretty well with auto-install service.  However, there are things that Godaddy isn’t so good at. For example, Godaddy uses a custom hosting panel. This control panel has options that allow you to basically manage your websites. The industry leaders are cPanel and Fantastico. So there are a lot of downsides of Godaddy using its own custom panel. Another con with Godaddy is that it limits your diskspace and databases. Most of other webhosts do not do this. Basically what this means is that you cannot host more than one website up on one hosting account. One wordpress website needs one database and so on. Even with the Deluxe plan, you are limited to 25 websites. However, you can sign up for the Ultimate Plan to get unlimited everything, but this is just not the best option for most of website builders (can be really expensive). One other thing I don’t like about Godaddy is their customer service. If anything goes wrong, Godaddy is definitely not the one you expect to get help from.


Both Godaddy and Hostgator offer very good web hosting packages, the basic plan for hostgator starts at $3.96/month. However, since Hostgator’s only business is webhosting, you are ensured that they have the latest technology and that their customer service is excellent. In addition to everything Godaddy offers, Hostgator uses cPanel, the #1 used control panel in the world, whereas, Godaddy uses its custom control panel, which can be frustrated to some website builders. With every hosting account comes with an easy BaseKit Sitebuilder to allow you to easily create a professional looking website within minutes. In addition, it is easy to set up SEO optimized websites with Hostgator because it offers free SEO tools. This can be daunting to some beginners. I think one of the biggest differences between these two webhosts is their attitude toward their customers and the quality of the services they provide. Hostgator definitely cares about its customers. Whenever I have problems, I can expect they get resolved within one to two business days. Godaddy just doesn’t care, especially toward economy hosting accounts, since they don’t matter on a grand scale. This is definitely a big no no in my book.


You might find this review to be a bit biased because I use Hostgator now. However, there are good reasons for me to switch from Godaddy last year to Hostgator. I’d definitely recommend Hostgator for both new to the website building and professionals. Use exclusive coupon codes on this website to save even more.

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