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HostGator Vs AWS

Hostgator VS AWS

AWS is Amazon Web Services; it is basically free, and it is good for beginner to build his or her sites without paying anything. Recently, Amazon implements a complete new set of application services that enable users to run application in the cloud. Anyway, in terms of Hosting Services, AWS is free; the speed is not that fast, but decent. They also offer few ready to build application, such as WordPress. So, only few clicks of buttons, the WordPress will be setup for you. However, most WordPress sites will requires more resources that Free Tier can provide, so eventually, you will need to pay for the resources. The whole system is based on pay per go; the more you use the resources, the more you will pay for them. There will be no contrast at all; unlike most Host companies, you will be required to pay upfront first in order to use the hosting services. With AWS, you can cancel it any time.

However, Amazon Web Services doesn’t provide your Cpanel, FTP, or SFTP, so it becomes very frustrate when users try to change permission of folders or updating htaccess files and other stuffs.  Also wit AWS, they will assign you a long website url, which is really hard to remember, and don’t even think that other people will remember if you give them such url. Of course, they do offer Apache, Linux MySQL and PHP, but for beginners, those are just like totally foreign language, and very hard to navigate and learn.

Hostgator VS Amazon

On the other hand, HostGator has everything you need to build your website, and it is pretty easy to navigate. When you first time sign up with them, it has option for you enter coupon code, and it has default code in it, which give you 20% off, but you can replace the code with the codes that on this site, which will give you extra 5 percent off, that is 25% off total. Although not a lot, but a penny saves is a penny gains. HostGator also offer you $100 Google Adwords credit, as well as 25 dollars credits for yahoo and ping Awords; they are quite useful, if you want your new website to have exposure. After you sign up with HostGator, they will send you credential information, such Cpanel, ftp, and account login. In terms of speed, it is way faster when compared with AWS; and unlike AWS, website can be down several times in a week, HostGator claims they have uptime of 99.9 percent of time which is really good.

Therefore, HostGator vs AWS, if you want to build a serious website, want to have decent traffic, and total control of ftp and Cpanel, HostGator can be a right choice. However, if you just want to test the water, then AWS might be one to begin with. Still, eventually, you will need to switch to a better hosting service, such as HostGator because it is easier and better to manage.

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